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*How to handle your skin hangover*

How to handle your skin hangover

Thursday 14th December 2017

Eat, drink and be merry....but did you know that your skin suffers from a skin hangover for up to 4 weeks after alcohol consumption!

Alcohol not only dehydrates your skin making fine lines and wrinkles more prominent, the toxins and sugars contained in alcoholic beverages make skin appear puffy and dull whilst accelerating the aging process. Dark circles appear worse and Inflammatory skin disorders such as rosacea can flare up. Those with sensitive skin can suffer from exacerbated redness and broken capillaries making skin tone appear uneven. Add to that the unwanted post booze breakout and you have a full blown skin hangover!

So apart from going T-Total (we are saving that for January) here are our top 3 tips to help your skin survive the festive season

1. Stay hydrated
The worst part about alcohol and the skin is the dehydrating effect it has on all the body. When skin is dehydrated it appears dry, flakey and fine lines appear worse. By matching each alcoholic drink with a water you will help to lesson the dehydrating effect and flush the toxins out of your body faster, leading to a speedier recovery.

2. Up the ante on your vitamins
By drinking your vitamins you increase their absorption rate compared to taking them in tablet form. Collagen and vitamin drinks such as Skinade contain hydrolysed marine collagen (perfect for combatting wrinkles) vitamins B and C (great for mood boosting and energy levels) and L-lysine (a protein required to maintain the skins structure)

3. Get a facial
Nothing helps detox your skin like an intensive facial treatment, and an Environ facial will do exactly that! Using ground breaking technology, Environ use sonophorisis to allow skin loving ingredients such as vitamin A and hyaluronic acid to penetrate the skin 10,000 times deeper than by massage alone. The deeper these ingredients can go, the quicker and more effectively they can treat the skin, and the sooner you will be back to feeling skin fresh and fabulous